The maximum warranty period for the products we sell is 24 months. The warranty period may vary for different products (models, manufacturers, etc.). The warranty period applicable to each product can be found in its detailed description or on the issued warranty card.

Warranty service APPLIES only to the electronic part of the device (battery modifications for chips, batteries and electronic device accessories such as chargers, cables, etc.)

Warranty service DOES NOT COVER:

  1. If the device is mechanically damaged (has been disassembled or broken);
  2. If the device has been improperly operated (used not in accordance with the intended purpose or used differently than specified in the instructions);
  3. If the device is damaged due to software (unsuccessful firmware update, failed attempt to save a third-party firmware version);
  4. If the device is damaged due to improper use conditions (moisture, heat, dirt, etc.);
  5. If the operation of the device is impaired due to natural wear and tear;
  6. If the device is out of warranty.

The warranty service also does not apply to quickly depreciating device parts, such as cartridges, vaporizers and other parts of electric e-cigarettes.


The buyer has the right to return the product and recover the money paid within 14 business days from the moment of purchase.

Note: the cost of perishable device parts (cartridges, vaporizers, batteries) may be deducted from your refund. They have no money-back guarantee! When returning the product, you must also return the gifts provided with the product, if any.

Money Back Guarantee DOES NOT COVER:

  1. If the product has a damaged appearance (rubbed paint, scratches, other mechanical damage);
  2. If the product is damaged due to the customer's fault;
  3. On goods without original packaging, with damaged packaging, incomplete sets, etc.;
  4. If the device shows apparent signs of use;
  5. For goods purchased by special customer order;
  6. Gift coupons.

The money-back-guarantee also DOES NOT APPLY TO:

  1. MINI sets;
  2. evaporators;
  3. cartridges;
  4. open liquids (bases, flavors, e-liquids, sweeteners, etc.);
  5. batteries.

If you have any additional questions, please contact our customer service department.