Nicotine bags are one of the most excellent ways to quit smoking. For many, however, nicotine bags are still a new concept, which is no wonder. Often smokers stay in tobacco and non-smokers do not need nicotine products. Therefore, it is better to learn a little more about what nicotine bags are so that they become familiar.

Nicotine bags are called by several different names. These include smokeless snus, white snus and nicotine snus. They make it easy to quit both smoking and snus use. Nicotine bags are small-sized bags that are placed under the upper lip like snus. Unlike snus, nicotine bags do not contain tobacco. The contents of the nicotine bags consist of natural fibers, sodium carbonate, the purest possible nicotine, and flavors and fillers. There are currently a large number of different flavors on the market for nicotine bag users. Flavors include fruit, berries, mint and, for example, coffee.

The use of nicotine bags is similar to snus, the bag is placed under the upper lip. There are nicotine bags of different sizes and shapes on the market. Slim-patterned and small bags are inconspicuous, while other bags can appear outward in the same way as traditionally snus. It is up to the user to decide which one is better for their own use. Nowadays, however, slim bags are popular precisely because of their imperceptibility.

  • A tobacco-free product, that is, not like regular snus or tobacco
  • Do not expose the respiratory tract to various toxic substances
  • Does not stain teeth as the product is completely white
  • Unobtrusive: does not show outwards and does not cause odour nuisance
  • Helps with tobacco withdrawal symptoms
  • Cheap

Why choose nicotine bags?

The question is certainly on the minds of many quitters of smoking or snus. Why choose nicotine bags? There is no single answer to this, but the reason is the whole. One of the biggest reasons is that nicotine bags are a modern and less harmful way to get nicotine than smoking and snus use. There is also no discoloration of the teeth with white snus. Often, unobtrusiveness is also of great importance to users. Non-smokers can easily smell tobacco smoke on their clothes and hair, which can be annoying. For many, the smell caused by tobacco can be very irritating and annoying. Snus, on the other hand, often stains teeth and causes damage to the gums.

It must therefore be said that nicotine bags are an easy and pleasant way to quit smoking. Smoking causes serious health problems for both yourself and the people around you. Nicotine bags allow you to get nicotine without the problems associated with tobacco. In addition, the nicotine bags are good-tasting, easy to use, unobtrusive and comfortable. One bag typically lasts 20-30 minutes and brings the user a modern and less harmful way to get nicotine.