The Caliburn A3 is perfect for everyone who wants a simple-to-use device. Caliburn A3 has a comfortable design and is currently available in 5 colors - black, silver, red, green, and blue.


Removing the mouthpiece from the Caliburn A3 pod reveals the filling port, allowing you to add the e-liquid of your choice and as the pod is clear it is easy to see how much juice is left. Because it features both inhales activation technology and a standard firing button, you can choose how your vape works.


 Net Weight 31 grams
E-liquid 2 ml
Baterry 520mAh
Output 13W


A bright LED light near the bottom of the device shows the battery level when vaping. When the device is fully charged the device LED light will stop pulsing and stay on green.

The approximate charging time is 31 minutes.

  • Green: 60%-100% 
  • Blue: 30%-50% 
  • Red: 0%-30%

The device can also be used while charging.