ZEUS Tropic Burst


What makes Tropic Burst so special?

This flavor combines two main elements - tropical notes and sweet mango taste. It's like a tropical vacation in a bag! When you open the package and take out the bag, you will immediately feel the pleasant aroma of mango. It's almost like a scent trip to the ecotropics.

The sweet mango flavor is subtle and easy to pick up, perfectly balanced by the tropical notes. The bags also provide an advantage in their quality - the nicotine content and taste remain for a really long time.


ZEUS Nicotine Pouches

if you don't know yet, nicotine pouches ZEUS by Vivasnus are a Latvian product. They offer the users the most loved and popular flavors that are combined in excellent quality pouch designed to give the customer a sense of satisfaction and delight.

Currently, they have 4 different flavors in their offer - Tropic Burst, Mint Rage, Frozen Citrus and the newest Tropic Burst.
They offer strengths of both 4mg/g and 20mg/g, but our store currently has their strong version.